Monday, March 3, 2008


Yeah. I know. There and back again by Dildo Haggis, fabled blog of the ancients, has been overlooked by the author for far too long and unlike fine wine has aged sour, its historic value left moldy and passe. I'm not gonna lie about it, the writer in me has been a lazy bastard as of late. No more excuses! You wanted news, and now you're gonna get'em. Boring as they may be! Get a cup of caffeinated drink of choice and strap yourself in.

I bought some pants a month ago. I wear them quite often! Other than that there's definitely been things afoot. School is still a huge time swallower, but I think I'm learning still. I feel like I'm going through phases, learning more about myself as I progress. The position of favorite teacher has shifted over and over and the crown has settled on the magical Hedy Sontag. This woman embodies the wisdom and mania to breathe inspirational life into a 26 year old rapscallion from Tromsø. As the work we do in class is often highly personal, the trust issue is key, and I have an easier time dealing with trauma of yorne in front of this Queen of Drama (not to be mistaken for the loosely used term drama queen, I know a fair share of those too, but they will not be mentioned in this blurb). If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about when I say dealing with trauma, I am simply addressing what the work is basically about, bringing back and reliving experiences from ones past, in order to evoke behavioral reactions that will color the nature of the performance. If successful one will find that the words and life of any given scene will unfold quite differently than if you were to "play" it. Or in laments terms, if you're really having a good or horrendous time up there, it'll show. Mrs. Sontag has been a shepherd through many a rough patch and knows me better then the rest of the faculty cast.

WOW! What the hell is going on with me. That was the most pompous shit I've ever written. The pen really is sharper than the sword, and way less entertaining obviously.

I had a rough last week of the semester, sick for the first time in the US, I hauled my pale rump to school, for a day of half-assed performances and the reprimand of a lifetime. One of my teachers called my display garbage and bullshit. Pretty fucking harsh I tell thee. In retrospect I think it was mostly a scare tactic from his part, as I've been a good boy for the rest of the semester, but given the horrible performance he might have been afraid that I had become to comfortable and lazy. He might have been right, when it comes to this particular incident. Laziness is inexcusable and I'm glad he gave me a heads up. Still there's not a lot of educational value in the word garbage. I have to remind myself sometimes that the certain individuals of the teaching staff at the institute sometimes fall into the egomaniac category of humans. We are after all dealing with actors here. The lowest form of the human species! This page is really a mirror to the soul for me. Thank you blog - waste basket of rotten food for thought.

A lot of straying Norwegians have stopped by lately! The balls from which I sprung, or my dad for short came accompanied by my 10 year old brother and wife Bente. In one week we managed to squeeze every tourist attraction in town into the schedule, and still have time for coffee and biscuits. I love them. Don't get too much family time when you're on the other side of the world. We went ballistic in Disneyland and later Universal Studios. I haven't been to a theme park in years, and I've forgotten how much of a pussy I am when it comes to rides. Luckily my brother was there so the danger level of the entertainment kept itself inside the PG limit. Some rides stood out - The INCREDIBLE Star Tours! Star Wars themed space ship flight to Endor. Jesus. I can now die a happy man! The came Terminator 3D. Oh my God. With Arnold, who needs method actors!? Set inside a gigantic dome, armed with the dorkiest glasses since Mark Mothersbaugh made the scene, we witnessed the fall of Cyberdyne at the hands of a Austrian robot and his boy. Beats a wild night of Kama Sutra sex any time. After all, who needs to procreate when the world will be nuked and inhabited by robots in the year 1997 anyway.

Hanging with the fam provided a good chance for me to show them my local hot spots and my unmatched chauffeur skills! My brother pushed the physical limits of how much pancake a not fully grown human can consume. Honestly man, that boy can thanks his lucky stars he was born millions of miles away from the most fattening food culture in the world. No wonder people are larger than life over here. Everything is so good and full of fat! God... Maybe my inner obese child brought me here. Who knows?! Don't question my ways!

We're getting a new roommate soon, as Jonathan is leaving for London for 4 months. I'll miss that home schooled Beetlejuice lookalike cobbler. Him and Tommy has proven more than friends and I'm gonna be crying myself to sleep when I leave this place. Fuck!! I can't believe I'm not gonna be here longer than June. We gotta do something about that. Marriage anyone?


Ingern said...

Skriver på norsk jeg einar:-) vil bare at du skal vite at jeg har drevet mye med "dealing with trauma" i det siste...og at du har min fulle støtte og at jeg holder tomlene høyt i været for deg..

Ingern said...

hilsen inger fra berg som ikke har sett deg på år og dag:-)