Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alien Ressurection

Yes! It is I, Einar the pilgrim, the thirsty traveler, the newborn Pastafarian, the swollen member, the douche. Again I find myself on US soil, the wonderful turf that once supported many a corn field and roaming buffalo. And as the formula goes: US SOIL = BLOGGY TIME. As I continue to write these memoirs of an underachiever I secretly hope they will spread like chlamydia in a catholic choir answering a few questions you might have about my sense of reality.

So much ambition, so few plans

Arriving in my old stomping grounds of Downtown LA has been a different experience this time around. Already there are plenty of reasons to make me lose the pathetic strands of dead skin i call my hair. Anyone who's had a conversation with me in the last 4 years will know that I am a man of the feline persuasion. This is being put to the test as I am now living with a real breathing Pit bull. She's a bitch, literally and she is becoming very fond of me, so fond in fact that you can't be in the room with her without her throwing herself at my feet and presenting her overly teeted stomach. I might be developing a soft spot for her meaning I would definitely not eat her if given the chance.

This will no doubt be a different trip than the last as four months in this place with no Norwegian influence has made the place go completely apeshit. Downtown is evolving, like it or not, new mega structures are popping up and the homeless residents are finding themselves in spiffy well lit surroundings. Little Tokyo is unchanged however and I am enjoying my gluttonous self in my old favorite restaurants. I've fallen in love with an old Japanese couple who have a little hole in the wall called AOI. I often sneak in there to cleanse my sinful soul with green tea and suck in the timelessness of the surroundings. They have an autographed picture of Burt from the old comedy show "Soap" hanging over the register. That alone is worth the meal ticket.

I've decided to cut this blurb short due to laziness. Y'all have a nice time, ya hear! More poorly written stuff to come.

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