Sunday, September 23, 2007

Don't make eye contact!!

LA's public transportation system is perhaps more underused than Stephen Hawking's Singstar set. There's always room in the heavy metal train cars of the Metro Red Line, that speeds through Hollywood and ends up on Union Station near my place. The thing is that everyone in this place has a car and would rather sit in a two hour queue on the highway than ride these "peon" transporters. Ehh, it's an image thing. Yours truly however - will be spending a lot of time in this comfortable environment getting to know his feet a lot better. Me and Hiro from Heroes. He rides it. Rides it good.


Espen said...

Nice goin' bro!

Vi blir en liten gjeng som hiver oss på flyet 7 februar. Du får skaffe deg en feeet kåk med plass på sofaen til Papa D og hondaen!

Fred ut så lenge, vi prompes!

Knut said...


Lara said...

You're scaring everyone off the red line and onto the buses! Proof here: (take out any spaces when you copy and paste)