Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Fashion District

WHERE ARE WE??? Downtown is weird man. My friend Lara was showing me a part known as the fashion district. You go around a corner and suddenly you're in a tight market street in Mexico. Everything is cheaper than everywhere else. They have everything from unreleased DVD's to Jimi Hendrix shirts to Jarlsberg (well, maybe not THE Jarlsberg, but close). I bought - wait for it - 6 pairs of socks!! The place looks kinda like this and this (click on the far side of the image to turn around). Pretty weird huh!

Heard "It's real Egyptian cotton man, it's cheap homes"


Lara said...

Hellz yeah! You can buy anything there from knocked off Louie Vuitton to TURTLES! How are those sock puppets coming along? hehe j/k

Shaelyn said...

Nice pictures! I advise you against buying the DVDs though... trust me on this one.